Is EB Truly Evil?

By now, you know that my name for the other woman in my husband’s life is Evil Bitch.  You may think I’m bitter.  Resentful.  Even hateful.  And you’d be right on all counts.  I assure you, however, that there truly are terrible, awful people walking among us.  EB is one of them.

She comes off as being very smart and witty.  The kind of woman that’s sexy, flirtatious and a little sassy.  The type that men are naturally drawn to.  When she was dating Husband’s best friend, we really liked her.  She had been texting with Husband, and at first I wasn’t threatened at all.  He would tell me funny things they’d say back and forth.  It was amusing.  I enjoyed her sharp wit.  Yep, I LIKED her.  Within a few months, however, this sexy little thing had turned many lives upside-down.  The honeymoon was over.

When EB and Husband’s best friend starting having problems, he came to Husband with it.  He told him that he was catching EB in lies.  One night, while he was at work, EB texted him that she was home.  The next morning, her daughter told him she wasn’t.  She told Bestie she hadn’t seen her ex-boyfriend, but a quick look on Facebook told a different story.  Bestie told Husband that he was suspicious.  If she’d go outside with her phone for a cigarette, she wouldn’t want Bestie to come.  She was very secretive with her phone.  Bestie told Husband that he was feeling unimportant.  EB would constantly tell him about all the men that wanted her, and she would deny him sex.  He told Husband that he couldn’t trust her, and she was bad news.  So, what was Husband’s response?  He chose to disregard his best friend.  He decided that since Bestie’s ex-wife had cheated on him, he was just really “messed up”.  He believed EB when she’d tell him his best friend was making up lies about her.  Nevermind that he was Best Man at our wedding, and had never given us a reason to doubt him in 20+ years.  Husband was in too deep with his feelings for her.  He believed she could do no wrong.

It didn’t take too long before Bestie figured out that Husband was going to EB with private information about him.  Once they broke up, she somehow knew things that he hadn’t told her, like when and where he was moving to.  He wanted to break away from her, and she was using Husband as an informant.  A role he happily took on.  It made him feel special.  Eventually, Bestie stopped sharing information with Husband.  Once all was revealed, he began sharing information with me.

Though they had broken up, Bestie and EB were still texting.  What EB didn’t know, was that after Husband got caught, Bestie was forwarding her texts on to me.  This was when I began to see how manipulative and evil she truly is.  There were many texts about Husband.  She was furious that I had put an end to their relationship.  She thought the only reason they were no longer “friends” was because his horrible wife now had him under lock and key.  She told Bestie that Husband was weak and naive, and she could get him to do anything she wanted.  She told him that if Husband and I don’t work out, he’ll want to be with her.  She was beyond pissed that Husband had her number blocked from his cellphone.  And, one day when she wrote an e-mail to Husband at work, telling him how much she missed him, I wrote her back telling her to leave us alone.  Her response?  “I knew that you’d read it.  As long as he did too, that’s all that matters.”  There were also so many texts to Bestie, trying to play with his emotions.  Telling him how much his kids will miss her.  Telling him how much her kids miss him.  Telling him if he didn’t come see her and pick up his things, she would throw them out with the trash.  Her car was broken, and she didn’t trust anyone else to know where she lived, so couldn’t he please pick her up and take her home?  She’s outside his house, and he needs to let her in.  She feels like hanging herself, etc., etc.  He would ignore her for awhile, then break down and text her that he wanted nothing more to do with her.  That would send her into a frenzy of anger and obsenities.

Eventually, EB wrote to Bestie’s ex-wife.  He never told me what it said, but I imagine it wasn’t too friendly.  Then, once Bestie began dating another woman, EB found out who and started writing to her.  She would tell her that Bestie destroyed her, then go on to say that she is still sleeping with him.  She told her about things in Bestie’s new apartment.  Come to find out, she was using photos he’d post on Instagram and use the background details to help her story.  EB was on a mission:  to destroy everyone involved.  If she was unhappy, she was going to try her damndest to make sure everyone else would be unhappy too.

So, how does one get rid of the evil bitch in their life?  It took some trial and error.  We’d block her from one aspect of our lives, and she’d find another way to communicate.  So, we ALL blocked her in every way we could.  This includes Facebook, e-mail accounts and phones.  Bestie closed his Instagram and Four Square accounts.  We blocked our daughter’s accounts, because I truly wouldn’t put it past her to write to her.  After everyone involved blocked her, we waited it out.

It’s been a month now since EB has contacted us.  I hate to say that I’d ever wish her on anybody else, but I’m happy that she has (hopefully) finally moved on to another group.  Is she truly evil?  Maybe not, but I think so.  Keep in mind, these are just a few examples.  She has harrassed, stalked and intended to do others emotional harm.  She uses people for her own gain.  And she does it in front of her children.  She has no character.  She is a tornado or chaos and drama, destroying all in her path.  And we just may have finally dove into a ditch where she can’t reach us.  Fingers crossed, anyhow!