How Did She Do That?

Last week was not a good one.  I had a tooth break in half.  We found out our very capable daughter was not turning in school work.  Our checking account was overdrawn.  Evil Bitch texted Husband.  Well, why not?  Add it to the week.

When Husband brought this to me, he was very upset.  EB said it was just a reminder to keep paying extra to have her number blocked, because she’s still psychotic and bitter.  Now, Husband and I are not very tech savvy, but we could not figure out how she texted him.  Her number WAS blocked from his cell, so how did she do it?  And she seemed to somehow know she would get through to him from her cell!  How was this possible?  I decided to call AT&T and figure this out.

The customer service rep for AT&T was wonderful!  We talked for about thirty minutes, and she explained it all to me.  She told me that both Husband and EB have iPhones, and have imessaging turned on.  From my understanding, when this happens, all texts are through the iOS, which goes into the data plan.  This is completely separate from billed texts and calls.  And if you block somebody’s number, you are only blocking the billed texts and calls.  They can still text you if your imessaging is turned on.  Moreover, whether it’s turned on or off, blocked or not, they can always send you photos.

This explained so much to me.  I saw that the last few months of their relationship, the texting dramatically decreased.  Husband could never explain to me why they went from over 800 texts a month down to about 10.  I asked if they were using some type of online messaging, and he always told me no.  In fact, there were times he told me he had texted her (not something in his favor to lie about), that didn’t show up on our bill.  Deep down, I still felt like I was being lied to.  I knew things didn’t add up.  Now they do.  EB got a new iPhone for Christmas, which was the time that the texting stopped showing up on our bill.  My guess is that she was turning off her imessaging to save on data, then turning it back on to keep certain texts from showing up on her bill and on ours.  Evidently, sometimes she would forget to turn it back on, which is when the texts would show up on our bill.  I’m sure she realized that Husband didn’t know anything about all this, which is why she figured her text would go through to him last week.

Of course, Husband immediately turned his imessaging off.  He is thinking about just getting a new number, since we found out she’ll always be able to send him photos.  He asked for my thoughts on this, because he wants me to be comfortable.  I told him that will never happen.  If I choose to stay with Husband, EB will always be a part of my life.  She once e-mailed me that I can’t control her.  That if she wants to contact my husband, all she has to do is call from another number, call him at work or show up there.  This is all true.  If she wants contact with him badly enough, she’ll find a way to make it happen.  There’s nothing I can do to protect myself from her intrusion, so seeking comfort will only leave me disappointed.

Still, I wish we would’ve known about the imessaging a long time ago!


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